Trust in God

 Where are we with our trust in God? This week, Mike Patterson speaks on what it looks like to have biblical trust.   Twitter: @JoinThePath Website...View Details

Never Forget

What struggles, victories and challenges have have brought us to the feet of Jesus? There are pivotal moments in our life that shape our relationship ...View Details

Comeback Faith

What moves our hearts to come back to Jesus? This week, join Ed Jackson as he describes what it means to have a comeback faith, despite our fast-paced...View Details

Midweek discussion about parenting lead by the Leflers family. 

Hope is Alive

Many times, we hear the expression: "Keep hope alive!" Well, our hope is alive. Our living hope is Jesus. Today, join Angel as he discusses what it me...View Details

At the Foot of The Cross

While Jesus was at the cross, there were three things happening: mockery, loving relationships, and total transformation.   This week, Angel speaks o...View Details

At Our Feet

Washing the feet of people we respect and admonish already takes a loving heart. But what is behind the heart of Jesus, who washed the feet of those w...View Details

We don't sacrifice out of duty, but out of love. Join us this week, with Mike Patterson, as we talk about what it looks like to lead your children God...View Details


Join us today with, guest pastor, Pastor Marcos Mercado and Amarillis Mercado from the Delaware Christian Church! What does it look like to have...View Details

A Touch of Truth

There's nothing like sitting at the feet of jesus, confessing our sins, and acknowledging our weakness. This week, join Pastor Angel Maldonado as he ...View Details

Welcome Home

As we continue out "At His Feet" series, join us in welcoming pastor Darryl Bellar, the lead pastor at Journey Church. Today's message is called: Welc...View Details

Just Have Faith

This week, we will be continuing the "At His Feet Series", with today's message: "Just Have Faith". Join Pastor Angel Maldonado, as he chronicles the ...View Details

Authority of Jesus

Join us this week as we continue our "At His Feet" series! Today, we'll be looking at Mark 5:1-13, with today's message titled: "Authority of Jesus". ...View Details

At His Feet

"Let's choose the one thing that is needed.. let's choose to sit at the feet of Jesus" This week, we will be starting a new series: At His Feet! As a ...View Details

The Greatest Showman

As we close out our blockbuster series, Keegan Leiba emphasizes the importance of following through with our dreams, using key takeaways from The Grea...View Details

The Shawshank Redemption

"Fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free."   This week, Ricardo Dunmoodie discusses the key takeaways from the movie, The Shawshank Redempt...View Details

Strange Love

Do we understand the spiritual battle we expirence everday? This week, Quay Manuel paints the spirtual paraells we find in the movie, Doctor Strange, ...View Details

"How would you treat your friend if you knew he/she would betray you?" Today we will be exploring "The Passion of the Christ", with our own, Ricardo D...View Details


"If you could see your whole life from start to finish, would you change things?" This question is at the center of today's sermon. Angel Maldonado co...View Details


Would you rather be broken or unbroken? Join us today as our own, Ed Jackson speaks on the movie "Unroken", continuning our Blockbuster Summer series....View Details

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