Pastor Angel Maldonado concludes the Heaven series by admitting he enjoys rap music and focusing on God's plan for our spiritual eternity.   Into/Out...View Details

The Process of Growth

"The goal for all Christians is to grow stronger spiritually, to become more powerful men and women of God." -Angel Maldonado Welcome back to another ...View Details

Built to Brag

Pastor Jaz Vick delivers an elegant and effective message of the importance of sharing our faith. While we all have areas we can grow in, God is perfe...View Details

Process of Salvation

Join us today, as Pastor Angel Maldonado continues the "Trust the Process" series with today's message, titled "Process of Salvation". Today, we'll be...View Details

Up in Flames

Dr. Ed Jackson returns focusing in on Acts 19. Listen as Dr. Jackson and his wife, Tasha, turn up the heat and speak about how God refines us.   Twi...View Details

He Goes Before Us

 "Will we have the faith to trust, obey, and go?"   Join us today, as Pastor Angel Maldonado continues in the book of Acts, in Acts 8, looking at Ph...View Details

Heavenly Ever After

Welcome back to another week of our "Trust the Process" series!   Join Pastor Angel today, as he speaks from Acts 18, looking at the ways Priscilla a...View Details

Through It All

Listen as Pastor Michael Patterson educates us on God's sovereignty and providence. Simply put, God is in control and has a plan. How will we respond?...View Details

What are you allowing to lead your life? Join Pastor Angel today, as he continues to speak about the Holy Spirit leading our lives and decisions. Twit...View Details

Are we filled with the Holy Spirit? If not are we asking God? Join Pastor Angel Maldonado today, as he continues to speak about the power, that is the...View Details

Welcome back to week two of our "Trust the Process" series! Today's title is: The Spiritual Process Part 1. Join Pastor Angel Maldonado today, as he s...View Details

While We Wait

Do you ever think about who's impacted by your response to adversity? Join us today, as we begin our new series, "Trust the Process!" Pastor Jaz Vick ...View Details

The Path Life - Part 2

Pastor Angel Maldonado continues sharing his takeaways from training and participating in half-marathons for the past two years. Listen to Part 1: The...View Details

The Path Life

"Trust the Process!" In 2019, will we trust the process that God has laid before us? Pastor Angel Maldonado shares his takeaways from training and par...View Details

Entitlement is the belief that someone is inherently deserving of certain rights and privileges or special treatment. Jesus, the only man to walk th...View Details

Do we really understand the grace God gives us? Despite all the "good" and spiritual things we do or the sin we indulge in daily, God's love extends s...View Details

Healing Encouragement

Encouragement is necessary for our spiritual walk. Dr. Edward Jackson II presents biblical examples of encouragement and its ramifications.    Tw...View Details

Jesus is Lord

What does it mean to make Jesus lord?   This week, Ricardo Dunmoodie walk us through what it means to be followers of Jesus.     Twitter: @JoinThe...View Details

The Book of Truth

Pastor Daniel Macaluso visits from the Buffalo Church and gives a message of trust.   Listen as Pastor Macaluso guides us through growing in ou...View Details

Trust in God

 Where are we with our trust in God? This week, Mike Patterson speaks on what it looks like to have biblical trust.   Twitter: @JoinThePath Website...View Details

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