Join us this Sunday, as we close out our 21 day church-wide fast, with Pastor Angel Maldonado discussing important keys for spiritual breakthrough. I...View Details

Barriers & Breakthroughs

Pastor Angel Maldonado details the breakthroughs we can experience with a close relationship with God and what can be a challenge for us to achieve a ...View Details

Revival Starts Here

Happy New Year! Join us on today as Pastor Jaz kicks off our #BreakThrough2020 Series. He challenges us to go deeper in our relationship with God thro...View Details

Paul Vendryes challenges us to reflect upon some critical questions during the final days of 2019. How obedient to God's word were we this year? And, ...View Details

I’m Good

Join us today, as Dr. Ed Jackson speaks to us about what it looks like to be content in Jesus in all circumstances. Intro/Outro Music: Action Artist: ...View Details

All In Together

Join us today as Pastor Angel explores the gifts that God has freely given us, and challenges us to use those same gifts to give away so that we can b...View Details

All In


Are you committed or sticking around because it is convenient? Angel Maldonado teaches on what commitment looks like.   Intro/Outro Music: Action A...View Details

The Giving Spirit

Those who give willingly are often the most joyful. Pastor Mike Patterson challenges us to reflect upon how we used our talents, treasures, and time t...View Details

Please and Thank You

"Pain often brings us closer to Jesus. Allow Jesus to help you grow through the pain."   Join us today as Pastor Angel finishes the second part of our...View Details

The Miraculous Catch

"Too often we settle for the miracle, when we can have the miracle worker!" Listen as Angel teaches us the purpose of Jesus's miracles.

  Intro/Outro...View Details

Seeing Evil Clearly

Join us today, as we listen to Mike Patterson as he encourages us to see evil clearly. There is evil all around us and we have to dig into our bibles,...View Details

Excuse Me Jesus

Most miracles happen because people show up, ask, and reach out. Jesus is not too busy to help you. Jesus doesn't only give his life for mankind, he a...View Details

Get on up!

Pick up your mat a go! When Jesus calls us, are we ready to go? Are we too fearful, content, or self-righteous? Listen as Pastor Jaz Vick speaks on Jo...View Details

Jesus: “He Too Extra”

Join us today as Pastor Angel reminds us of how extraordinary Jesus is. He's just too extra!   Intro/Outro Music: Action Artist: JC Muzik  

Twitter...View Details

Seeking to Seek God

Vision is one of the most valued sense. Dr. Ed Jackson teaches us about our spiritual and anatomical blind spots and how we can practically address th...View Details

Jesus: The Miracle

Jesus is the miracle of our lives. Listen as Michael Patterson digs deep into the scripture and helps us understand what Jesus does in our lives.   I...View Details

Join us today, as we continue our series with Pastor Angel Maldonado encouraging us to look at Jesus as a warrior. Intro/Outro Music: Action Artist: J...View Details

A Story of Restoration

Muche Ukegbu, Lead Pastor at The Brook, visits us all the way from Miami to share about Gods authentic peace and how it applies to our lives.     Int...View Details

Join us today, as we continue our new series with Pastor Angel Maldonado, as he describes who Jesus is in Revelation 1:12-17. Intro/Outro Music: Actio...View Details

Join us today as we kick off our new series, A Journey with Jesus. Our lead Pastor Angel Maldonado, leads us in our first part of the series teaching ...View Details

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