Do You Remember

Outreach Pastor Jaz Vick reminds us that our memories can be deceptive at times. However, memories of our victories through our savior Jesus Christ sh...View Details

Citizens of The Kingdom

Dr. Michael Patterson reminds us that those who chose Jesus, are first citizens of heaven, and we await for our kingdom to come.   Intro/Outro Music: ...View Details

When God Restores

Angel Maldonado teaches form the book of Job on restoration. Angel observes a familiar pattern throughout the biblical narrative of true repentance le...View Details

When God Speaks

Dr. Michael Patterson covers the final chapters of Job, when God Speaks. What can we learn from Jobs response?   Intro/Outro Music: Action Artist: JC ...View Details

When God Sends A Storm

Pastor Angel Maldonado continues teaching from the book of Job. He offers biblical perspective of Job's Relationship with his wife and Job's steadfast...View Details

When God Takes Away

Pastor Angel Maldonado shares what he has learned from the story of Job. Satan attacks us the same way he did Job. Do you have a relationship with God...View Details

Angel shares what he has been learning in his quiet times, focusing on Psalms 119. God promises to be our strength, comfort and peace if we allow him ...View Details

Time For A Second Wind

The year 2020 has been filled with challenges. Dr. Michael Patterson provides words of encouragement and reminds us of the hope we have in Jesus.   In...View Details


Quay Manuel teaches from the story of Hagar. Hagar's story exemplifies how God sees our lives and has a plan for those who are obedient. Intro/Outro ...View Details

How we communicate with each other and God lays a foundation in our relationships. Dr. Ed Jackson teaches us what happens when we communicate from a h...View Details

Eager Pursuit

Jaz exposes our pursuit of jobs, relations, or phone numbers. However, through Jesus' love we can pursue harmony and holiness. Intro/Outro Music: Acti...View Details

Embrace The Pain

Training isn't suppose to be easy. In some cases we pay people discipline us, personal trainers. Pastor Angel Maldonado discuss how embracing the disc...View Details

A Tale of Three Dads

Listen as Dr. Michael Patterson highlights three fathers that emulate Jesus. Intro/Outro Music: Action Artist: JC Muzik Twitter: @JoinThePath Website...View Details

A Persistent Pursuit

Pastor Angel Maldonado focuses on the parable of the persistent widow to show us how persistence can shape our outcomes here on earth and for all eter...View Details

This week we have a special dialogue between Pastor Michael Patterson and Pastor Jim Lenahen about the racial divide in the church. Intro/Outro Music...View Details

Eyes on the Prize

There is a certain amount of training we must do and endure for success. Pastor Jaz' Vick encourages us to continue to strive for the prize Jesus Chri...View Details

Why would God allow blindness, pain, or suffering? Pastor Angel Maldonado explains how God always gets the glory from any situation. Intro/Outro Musi...View Details

As the Dunmoodie's depart Atlanta, they grace us with a parting message concerning knowledge and discernment. Intro/Outro Music: Action Artist: JC Mu...View Details

Lead Pastor, Angel Maldonado, speaks with Christina Maldonado, Shawn Patterson, and Breauna Dorelus. Topics include parenting and dependcy on God. In...View Details

Doctor Ed Jackson takes a look at the Church of Ephesus, as mentioned in Revelations 2. He explores the lessons we can learn today from the strengths ...View Details

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